Leadership takes more than standing in front and saying follow me. A true leader must first look inward and decide what will it take for me to be the best that I can be?

Many people choose to pursue graduate education. That MBA might be required for a promotion within your organization. But the pursuit of a doctorate typically comes from some internal drive or desire. The higher the degree the lower the number of people who seek to attain that level of education. Still, many people who have that drive give up without accomplishing their goal.

The barrier may not be a lack of ability. You may have leadership strengths but not have the road map that shows the way to your goal.

Entrepreneurship requires a business owner to learn from her mistakes and then try again. Pursuit of the doctoral degree requires completion of years of learning in a certain way followed by completely shifting gears to finish the race.

Academic Consulting can fill these gaps and help you complete that last stretch toward your doctorate.

If you need help with organization, process, timing or motivation perhaps an Academic Coach can provide the assistance you need at a higher level than the availability of your committee members. It costs nothing to have an initial interview with a coach.


Call our message line and leave the best time to return your call.


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