Coaching FAQs

If you have never worked with a coach you may wonder about the coaching relationship. Who should have a coach? What is coaching anyway and why should I even consider such a thing? Following the old journalism guideline I have answered some of those questions below.

Who? You, because you recognize potential in yourself that is yet untapped. Working with one of our coaches, because we know how to help you focus and identify next steps to accomplish your goals.

What? A regularly scheduled meeting to address task completion. Each coaching relationship is defined at the start by you and your coach. If your needs change, you decide whether to renegotiate the purpose and process. Unlike mentoring, coaching is focused on the accomplishment of a specific short term goal. Mentoring is development driven and can be long term.

When? At a time that you negotiate together. Working with a coach involves developing a relationship founded in communication and exploration. The time has to work for both parties to allow focus in the moment and to eliminate distractions. Dedicated time brings about strong results.

Where? Whether in a local coffee shop with a barista in the background or in an online platform like ZOOM, spending the time to work with a coach is beneficial.

Why? Because a coach can help you see things in yourself that you do not recognize. Like the old say, “I can’t see the forest for the trees”, our lives carry that same business factor. A coach can help you focus and see what really matters in this moment.

How? By bringing to your attention aspects of what you are sharing in such a way that you see them from a heightened perspective. Similar to when you tell a story and someone comes back with “Did that happen because of this?” and you say, “Yes! exactly!”. Coaching allows you to have those aha moments about your own processes. Following the aha moment you have the opportunity to choose the strongest way to accomplish your goal.

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