Are You In Transition?

Each person transitions in his or her own way. Each transition brings its own unique elements. The transition that seems simple to me may be highly stressful to the person across from me. As a coach and advocate, it is my job to help relieve stress so that you may continue on your journey.
We experience change daily in many small ways. Transition, on the other hand, implies a larger more lasting experience that may be tragic or transformational, or fall somewhere in between.
Transitioning Adults plus(r) works to help you through your transitions to make them transformational. Some of the transitions we are familiar with include:
  • Disability – how do you do the things you used to do when your body or mind are not cooperating? We help you identify strategies you can employ and tools you can use to move on to the next phase of your life.
  • Academic – whether you are returning to school or continuing as a graduate student you may find that the educational process is not what you expected. Navigating those processes can be confusing. We can help you identify the resources on and off campus to help you reach your goals.
  • Career Change – choosing a new career path or finding your job is fading from the market can be stressful. Identifying ways in which your dreams and abilities can work together will help you set solid footing on that new path.

You may be in the midst of one of these transitions or you may be facing other life challenges. Whatever your challenge our 30-minute free coaching session will help you determine your next steps.

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