We’ve talked about the need to understand what blocks your success . And we’ve considered how to focus your dreams to help you move forward. Unfortunately, it is too easy to have dreams without making any progress at all. You have heard the phrase “lofty goals” thrown out as a way to say a person has a pipe dream but no chance of getting there.

Many times the reason we can’t move forward is because, deep down inside of us there is an internal voice yelling “You can’t do it! Give up now!”

It is important to have not only your dreams but also belief that you can make a difference in the outcome. You may be thinking, this time my dream is too hard. I just cannot get from here to there. I am here to encourage you to think differently. Every step we take in life looks like an insurmountable task, initially. Whether you consider a baby trying to walk, or a person trying to land on the moon, there is always an element of doubt.

Doubt plagues us with uncertainty. The baby hesitates and sits down as soon as mommy or daddy let go. The four-year-old puts a foot on the ground rather than continue to try and balance on two wheels. And we freeze, rather than apply for that job, purchase that business license or submit that proposal. The one thing that holds us back is fear. Fear of the unknown or the “first” step can paralyze us, but lets’ consider how many firsts there are that we face throughout life.

First – we are always with our mother then one day she says you have fun in preschool. Most children scream and cry the first time they are left alone. But in just a day or two they find themselves enjoying daycare or preschool and forget to cry when mom or dad say goodbye.

The first day of kindergarten can be equally scary. But again the first day is forgotten as you begin to make friends and learn new things in your classes. The first day of middle school or high school presents another time to panic. Instead of being the big kid who knows the ropes you again feel like the new kid who knows nothing. This cycle repeats itself throughout our lives as we interview for our first position, seek our first promotion, or even seek a similar position at a new company.

The firsts of life don’t have to stop us from moving forward toward our dreams!

Each major experience in our lives begins with a single step. All you need to do to move toward your dreams is identify the first step you will take in that direction. Do you need to learn the cost of a certificate program to qualify for your dream career? Do you need to identify someone who can take care of the books while you take care of the clients? Do you need to develop a business plan? Determine the next steps you must take and, if you need to, break them down into even smaller steps. Then start taking one step at a time.

Each step you take will enhance your self-belief. And as your belief grows your confidence will grow and you will begin to accomplish the thing that was causing you to freeze in your tracks just days ago.

You can accomplish some of your dreams. But only if you take the first step!

The children’s story of “The Little Engine That Could” provides us with a positive example of pushing through the negativity. Whether the naysayer is someone you know or your own inner voice, remember that moving forward is really just taking one step at a time.

Believe in yourself and start walking. if you need encouragement try working with a coach. One network of coaches and business consultants with strengths in many areas is Orgdyne Training and Consulting LLC. You can research these organizations to learn what they offer and whether they are right for you.

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