What stands in your way?

Allison, C E 2016

Many of us feel that there is some external thing blocking our ability to succeed in life. We may see the blockage as a person (that boss that does not see our potential), a circumstance (I would have a great business now if it were not for that recession), or a lack of skill (I never had the chance to learn how to do xxx). These things can be true hindrances in our progress but there is something closer to home that I think we all need to address.

Previous I talked about Dreams (Oct. 2016) and how important they can be in setting us on a path. While dreams have their place there is another level of personal development that will really get you moving in the right direction and that is belief. I am not talking about merely believing that you deserve success. This is important but more than this, it is necessary to believe that you can make a difference in your own circumstances.

I set my dreams high because I know that I am capable and qualified to do the things I aspire to do.

Along with my dreams, I know that I must believe in my ability to take the necessary steps toward my goals or I will not aspire to the greatness that I desire.

An example of this is writing. I write a lot. I write spiritual articles / books, poetry, inspirational articles, technical manuals, reports and process guides. Many of these are used in work settings with no credit or authorship information. Yet publishing seems like a daunting task. Why? I get bogged down in the belief that there is more to be done than I have time to accomplish. Yet I can write this article and publish it in a matter of an hour or so.

My goal this year was to publish more. My posts here accomplish that goal. My goal next year is to publish something larger. In order to do this, I need to believe that I can make the changes necessary in my processes to accomplish my goal. I must believe in myself!

In the same way, you will begin to make progress on your goals when you identify the beliefs that stand in your way.

If you believe that something is beyond your skill set:

  • Identify a class or a mentor who might help you develop in that area.

If you are short on cash:

  • brainstorm ways to earn cash or gather investors to support your project.

Maintain lofty dreams and goals. But identify the gaps in your skill set and resource, prioritize the needs and make a plan to grow in those areas. Don’t sit back and blame circumstances or other people on your lack of success. Instead, do things you can to make the difference you want to see in your life become a reality.

Once you are motivated by dreams and believe in yourself, you will be ready to take meaningful action. Sometimes talking with a confident who will give you honest feedback to help you grow may be needed. Consider working with a coach. One network of coaches and business consultants with strengths in many areas is Orgdyne Training and Consulting LLC. You can research these organizations to learn what they offer and whether they are right for you.

Believe in yourself!

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